About this site:

The mission of YeeLoong-Users is being a central node for every information around a grateful use of the Lemote YeeLoong laptop: Development of new features, description of methods which resolve particular issues, explanation of bugs and their solutions, etc.. All this in an understandable way for the average person. So, ambitiously, it pretends to be a bridge between developers and users.

About the rest:

  • Image Gallery All the images of this web-site showing a Lemote YeeLoong are under a CC-BY license, so you can use them whenever you say that they comes from here.
  • Web DesignThe design of the web page is based on the theme metamorph-darkend that I found on OpenWebDesign.org. Look up links on the bottom of this page for more info.
  • JavaScriptProbably your computer is executing now two non-trivial programs which function is to improve aesthetically this web-page. They are free software but, if you wish, you can block them and this web-page will still be perfectly nice and readable. However, most of other sites, without any respect, make your computer run privative and ofuscated JavaScript programs without your knowledge. Sometimes they will force you to run those program in order to see their contents. Consider to use a program such as NoScript for blocking them by default, but easily whitelist those sites that you decide. On the other hand, block them can be a grateful experience if you are using the Yeeloong's 800MHz-processor for rendering the net!

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